Attempted break in at commercial premises in Green Point

At 05:05:09 Umbo RTSP – Person – Buitengracht Old Reception activated and 2 males seen getting off the silver Pole Vivo and people monitored

At 05:05:48 Umbo RTSP – Person – Buitengracht Old Reception Door – Camera activated and the 2 seen approaching the entrance door and forcing the safety gate open using the crowbar

At 05:06 Audio Announcement was used and the two seen running into the car and driving off

At 05:07 Opperman PPA was contacted and informed to send the response

At 05:08 Saps was contacted spoke to Constable Mveleni was advised to send the unit

At 05:10 Collin Howard was contacted and advised of the attempted brake in and stated will see what he can do attending the scene

At 05:13 Tac 2 and Tac08 was seen arriving at the premises

At 05:49 The client was seen pulling off at the premises

At 06:11 Xolani PPA stated the response still standing off with the client waiting for the saps