Break in at residence in Durbanville

At 03:21: received a signal and a guy was seen

At 03:21 this guy was seen bending down towards the bushes having black shoes on and throwing himself down to the floor

At 03:22 contacted Pope Alarm spoke to Ivan and he confirmed they do not have a response vehicle but Pangela security is the response company that respond to 2 somerset and to unit 3 but he will provide a number of a security company that will proceed PANGELA 4 ob number 208381

At 03:32 contacted Pangela security spoke to Jean and asked him to send out a vehicle as there is a suspect that took a camera from 4 Somerset and jumped over to 2 Somerset but his hiding somewhere in the bushes dressed in dark clothing and the shoes is black ref 04630

At 03:45 contact Mrs. Gerber the tenant on site to inform her of the surroundings and that she must see if she can maybe see anything on her side maybe through the window, but she confirmed she will check on her cameras and will call back

At 03:46 contacted Pangela to inform them of where we saw the guy last

At 03:49 in call from Mrs. Gerber saying, she sees the guy laying behind the bushes by the front entrance on the left-hand side

At 03:51 contacted Pangela spoke to Jean to inform him what the tenant confirmed, and he gave the response the directions of this suspect

At 03:52 gave a lockbox number for the response to open up the gate

At 03:54 armed response caught the guy behind the bushes