Keeping you and your assets safe

You need a security solution that gives you total peace of mind.

You want a company that keeps your assets secure without any hassle.

OmniVision's off-site monitoring service will eliminate false alarms, form your first line of defense, and ensure the fastest response times possible.

  • OmniVision will only make contact if it is necessary to do so, not on every false alarm
  • OmniVision will broadcast audio down to the site to warn potential intruders that they are being monitored
  • OmniVision will ensure armed response is fully aware of the confirmed threat when dispatched

Our secure facilities ensure that the sites entrusted to us are provided the most advanced safety net available. We recognise that the safety of our own control room is an extension of the safety we provide our clients. As such, we secure all information transmitted between our control room and our sites with SHA-2 SSL encryption.

Why Off-Site Monitoring?


Although they have eyes on your assets, our security personnel operate from within our control room.

They are removed from the threat of harm, from the temptation of bribery, and from the possibility of collusion.

Watching the watchers

Whether it's OmniVision's Guard Support service, or monitoring the activities of armed response on your site, OmniVision's dedicated operators will maintain their virtual presence on site until they are satisfied that everyone has performed to their duties to the highest standard possible. Our clients will not accept mediocrity, and therefore neither can we.

Fast, Stable connection

Good upload speed of modern ADSL, Fibre, Wireless, 3G or LTE connectivity allows for a clear and smooth video stream to be transmitted over the internet reliably. All alert messages are connected directly to our server without passing through any relays, which ensures we have the fastest notification times available.

Why Event-Driven Monitoring?

Operators alerted to actual events

Our operators do not spend their time staring idly at a static scene from a static camera. We believe that un-engaging monitoring really amounts to no monitoring at all.

Responding to alerts, on the other hand, ensures our operators are always focused. Each event can be quickly processed and the level of danger to person or property rapidly assessed. This ensures that no potentially dangerous events are missed, and that each event is given the required attention.

The multitude of technology available today really means there are few events that cannot be processed and captured electronically. From your traditional alarm beams through to advanced video analytics and behavioural algorithms, technology is often able to highlight activity and behaviour a human could miss.

"Time sharing" results in a cost-effective solution

Using technology to alert an operator to potentially dangerous events before they unfold allows an operator to focus intensely on one particular site for a relatively short period. Once the event has been processed, that same operator can move on to the next event on the next site. This allows his time to be split among many client while simultaneously maintaining the highest level of attention of attention on each individual site.

OmniVision in the News

Article published in Hi-Tech Security Magazine:

In the article, OmniVision's manager describes how guarding and remotely monitored CCTV can be used as a powerful combination