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Off-Site CCTV and Alarm Monitoring

Interactive alarm monitoring, managed services and operational efficiency

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Integration with Existing Security

Centralised alert monitoring of all devices increases efficiency and decreases response times. Communication with armed response is clear, concise and swift.

Audio Broadcasts

Loud, clear announcements broadcast from our control room to the site are an effective deterrent, long before armed response arrives.


We report directly to our clients, removing any possibility for collusion or cover-ups. We watch the watchers.

OmniVision's Service Offering

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Camera Monitoring

OmniVision can monitor particular cameras on request, should you require any ad-hoc checks on your property or employees. Call in to OmniVision and we will provide visual confirmation of what is happening on-site.

Guard Support Services

OmniVision's guard support services enable our clients to rest easy in the knowledge that their on-site guards are being watched from above. There'll be no sleeping on the job for these guards!

Access Control

By bringing together all our capabilities, including camera monitoring, the ability to transmit and receive audio between our control room and our clients' sites, control of on-site lighting and gates, we are able to offer our clients effective access control.

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Video Patrols

Patrols of selected cameras can be programmed into our system and scheduled to be presented to our operators at the times you specify. This ensures the right cameras are checked, in the right sequence, at the right time, and for the right length of time.

Video Escorts

OmniVision's video escort service has been designed to ensure safe passage for our clients and their employees. Whether it's to watch a client driving into their property, or a cash transfer occurring at their business, we will monitor from our control room to ensure all goes according to plan.

Audio Broadcasts

OmniVision does not have to wait for anyone to arrive on-site before making our presence felt. An audio announcement, broadcast from our control room to the protected site alerts an intruder instantly that their presence is unwanted. 

Customers Who Trust OmniVision


Revolutionise your security

OmniVision provides an off-site CCTV and alarm monitoring service tailored to the needs of individual clients. Our integrated monitoring platform allows us to handle alerts generated by a huge array of security devices, including alarms, fire detection, access control, video analytics and GPS. Combining these devices' detection capabilities with a clients' CCTV system transforms an otherwise static post-event verification system into an interactive, real-time loss prevention tool that is monitored off-site.

 •  We cover commercial, industrial and residential properties

 •  We communicate efficiently with on-site guards

 •  We have good relationships with all major armed response companies

 •  We can monitor any property with a connection to the internet, including:

      ADSL, Wireless, 3G, LTE, Fibre... anything that gets you online

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